New Year’s Fitness Resolutions: Five work-outs and activities to stay healthy

Members of the drill team perform their routine in the Grove for a captive audience on the May 16 Fiesta Friday.

Joseph Mousaed

The new year just arrived and people are creating fitness resolutions that are not working out. Traditional sports are demanding and require skills that not everyone has. Here are five activities and non-traditional sports that can provide the same exercise while providing unique social environments.

  1. Bowling is a sport that requires the person to throw a ball, that can weigh up to 16 pounds, down an alley to strike down a set of ten bowling pins. Bowling requires strength and endurance. It can be a social event with friends as well.
  2. Rock climbing is an activity for people who like to live on the edge. Rock climbing parks have a surplus of walls with colorful blocks ready to be grappled by eager people. Rock climbing is usually best enjoyed with friends and family cheering you on from the ground. Reaching the bell at the top of the wall leaves the climber feeling tremendous.
  3. Cycling is an olympic sport that consists of riding a bike around different areas. It is great exercise that requires balance skills. Cycling can be done competitively or recreationally by all types of people. It also offers great exercise as cycling requires most of your muscles be in use.
  4.  Dancing is great because there are many varieties. Many heritages have their own dances that burn calories while requiring little training. There are dances for almost every music genre. Dancing usually requires no preparations and can be done virtually everywhere. From a wedding to the cafeteria, dancing can bring people together and burn any unwanted fat.
  5.  Badminton is a tremendous way to get in shape in the new year. It requires agility, speed, and quick reflexes. The sport requires you to hit a object called a birdie over a net. It is played with two or more people which is great for anyone that likes to meet new people.