Softball season slides across home plate

Junior Monica Gonzalez has been involved in softball for most of her school career, playing travel softball for five years before taking a three year break. Now returning as a member of Birmingham Community Charter High School’s (BCCHS) varsity team, she’s taking the chance to seek self-improvement as she gets back into the swing of things.

“I want to get better for myself,” said Gonzalez, who plays outfield. “Just keep practicing, motivating myself and telling myself that I can.”

The season concluded with the varsity team making it to the semifinals of the 2023 LA City Section Softball Open Division Playoffs. Gonzalez noted that aside from returning to the sport, her favorite aspect of the BCCHS softball team is being a part of the group. 

“I like being around the team,” Gonzalez said. “(I like) getting to socialize, meet new people. The team bond and everything is really good.”

Freshman Guiliana Avalos finds the competitive nature of the game the most exciting. 

“(I like) how everyone wants to win,” said Avalos, who plays second and outfield on Birmingham’s JV team. “Everyone’s in a good mood and upbeat about it.”

Avalos’ inspiration for the game spurred from her sister’s own determination, something she wishes to follow and blaze her own trail through.

“She’s been playing softball since she was younger, and (now) she’s in college,” Avalos said. “I hope to progress a lot, get onto varsity by sophomore or junior year and focus on sports in college.”