Artist of The Month: Agust D shocks the month of May with new album


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Agust D’s new mixtape has 10 songs and consists of nearly a half hour of strong lyrics and a raspy voice that showcase just how dynamic of a rapper he truly is. 

Whether with BTS or as Agust D, Min Yoongi is an astonishing artist who has gained popularity worldwide with every song he has produced or featured in. Most recently, Suga began his solo tour in New York on April 26, following the release of his album “D-Day.” He will also tour in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Korea, which marks the first BTS member to complete a headlining solo tour. 

In 2016, Yoongi, more commonly known as Suga a rapper of the famous band BTS, released a solo mixtape called “Agust D.” He delivered this mixtape for his debut under his name persona, Agust D, which combines the rapper’s stage name for BTS and his hometown of Daegu or D-Town and then flips them. This mixtape has 10 songs and consists of nearly a half hour of strong lyrics with a rasp in his voice that showcases just how dynamic of a rapper he truly is. 

The rapper made his debut with the mixtape “Agust D,” which came out on August 15, 2016. “Agust D” hit the world by surprise, inciting tears but also head bops. Agust D shows the most vulnerable parts of himself, utilizing fast and catchy rapping to portray his depression, self-hatred and need to succeed. Ultimately, these traits make him human and that is his cost for being in the limelight.

This mixtape has everything that anyone could ever ask for: from calming and dreamlike songs with hints of sorrow such as “Interlude; Dream, Reality,” and “So Far Away,” and more up-beat, passionate and harsh music such as “give it to me,” and “Agust D.” The mixtape was also included as an entry for FUSE TV’s, “20 Best Mixtapes of 2016” list. 

In May 22, 2020, Agust D released his second album “D-2,” which also consisted of 10 songs. Whereas “Agust D” is more about Agust D sharing his past, “D-2,” was more about his present. Agust D shared his current viewpoint of himself, how far he has come in his career and how much he suffered during the pandemic. “Daechwita,” the lead track in the album, is undoubtedly the most recognized song and helped make the album sell just over 14,000 copies upon its release. 

Agust D also released a single on April 7, “People Pt.2,” alongside soloist IU. The solo was the favorite new music release on a music poll made by Billboard. It also debuted at No. 1 on the Digital Song Sales Chart on Billboard’s weekly listing of the best selling songs in the United States with just under 17,700 copies sold. 

Agust D’s most recent album “D-Day,” was released on April 21 and also consists of 10 songs, none of them similar to the previous song. Starting with dynamic songs such as “Haegum,” to soulful and tear jerking songs like “Snooze,” this album is a masterpiece. There’s a reason as to why the album recorded 1,1 million copies sold on only its first day of release. Agust D’s impressive album sales are a reflection of the astounding music and legacy that Suga has made for himself as Agust D. Though Agust D has always served as Suga’s gateway to express himself, all good things must come to an end, as “D-Day” will be the closing chapter of the Agust D’s mixtape trilogy according to a statement by Big Hit Entertainment on Weverse, a social media platform for K-pop bands. Even though this may mark the end of a journey of Agust D, fans can’t wait for what comes next.