Athlete of the Month: De La Maza is ready to rumble

Sabrina Robertson

Every month, we recognize two student athletes, one from a boys team and another from a girls team, for their performance. This month we recognize Anthony De La Maza.

Sophomore De La Maza has been wrestling for Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) since the beginning of the new season. De La Maza was inspired by classmate Draven Lukata, who is also on the BCCHS boys wrestling team. De La Maza is ready to take charge and have a great season.

Question: How long have you been wrestling?

Answer: Maybe a couple of months.

Q: Have you been able to participate in any events or matches yet?

A: Me personally no. I’m still training to get better, you know, before actually wrestling. (At) Birmingham there’s been tournaments and stuff.

Q: Which team are you on?

A: I’m on JV.

Q: Did you have any prior experience before joining the team?

A: I barely started doing wrestling but I did JuJitsu before.

Q: What made you want to join the wrestling team?

A: It seemed fun and also Draven Lukata helped convince me.

Q: What’s your goal for this season?

A: To just get better.