Boys and girls water polo ends unprecedented season on a high note

Nancy Medrano

This year’s water polo season has been an experience like no other for members of both the boys and girls teams. 

“I was very excited and happy when I found out we could play with our team again because I didn’t think there would be a season and I was just glad to be able to play some water polo this year,” sophomore water polo player Ryan Nevsky said. 

On March 13, 2020, the Los Angeles Unified School District announced students were no longer allowed on campus until further notice. Many athletes were distraught when they also found out that meant their seasons would be cut short. After much patience, athletes were finally allowed to return on March 8 with precautions put into place. 

“When we are not in the water we have to wear masks and social distance by six feet, regardless of where we are. We also have to socal distance in the pool when we are doing warm ups,” senior and varsity water polo captain C.J. Gorospe said. 

Both the girls and boys water polo teams almost instantly began playing in games as soon as they returned to practice. With that being said, many challenges began to surface. Some athletes felt as though it simply wasn’t enough time to go over drills and practice plays. 

“Some of the challenges that I faced were getting back into shape while having games. When you aren’t playing for a year and they suddenly throw you into the water to start competing again, it took me a while to really get used to everything again,” Gorospe said. 

“Honestly, it was really exciting. Since I’m a senior I feel like it’s a closing to my high school experience,” said Amelia Sanchez, captain of the girls water polo team. “It feels good to be back. Obviously it’s hard because we’re all super out of shape and stuff but it’s just nice to be active again and to have something to do. “

Athletes are constantly trying their best to enjoy their practices and games with their teammates. 

“We were very close to beating Palisades (Charter High School), they have been reigning champions for awhile and we actually had a really close game to them, even though our team was really out of shape,” Nevsky said. 

The boys and girls teams ended their seasons on April 1. The boys team ended with two wins and five losses and the girls team ended its season with three wins and three losses. 

Although this year’s waterpolo season brought much uncertainty, the team definitely made some unforgettable moments with each other.