Time to speak up: support, help, donate to Armenia


Nancy Medrano

With the spark of attention to bring justice for Armenia, there are various ways to help and support the people and country of Armenia.

Nancy Medrano

With the recent news of Azerbaijan attacking Armenia, many people are left having questions on ways to help and support Armenia. 

Armenia Fund is an organization that serves the needs of Armenia and Artsakh. The organization was created to help better the homeland for Armenia by creating more schools, roads, hospitals and community centers. The Armenia Fund website allows you to donate money with the amount of your choosing. 

The Armenian Food Bank has a mission to help feed Armenians in need as well as supporting their soldiers and veterans. The Armenian Food Bank accepts any nonperishable foods such as canned goods to keep in the pantry for a long time. The organization also allows others to donate clothes for adults and children. They are also accepting hygienic products, such as toiletries, feminine products, baby supplies, etc. You are also allowed to donate money so the food bank can decide what products to spend the money on. 

Armenian Wounded Heroes Fund gives 100% of donations to protect and save their heroes of Armenia and Artsakh. As of July, the Armenian Wounded Heroes fund has been able to deliver 2,000 military first-aid kits for their defense sources in Tavush, since then the amount continues to rise. The fund sends medical supplies to the central military hospital in Yerevan, where heavily wounded soldiers are treated. Donate online or through mail. 

Signing petitions is also a great way to support Armenia. There is a current petition going around to get the Unites States to stop giving military support to Turkey. Even though the United States ended some of the military aid to Turkey, they continue to cooperate in important military products. The Turkish government continues to receive military aid from the United States in an abusive way. The goal for the petition is 7,500 signatures  and they are more than halfway there. 

A few restaurants have come out and said they will be donating a portion of their daily earnings to Armenia. Pepper Mexican Grill located in Van Nuys will donate 20% of their daily earnings to Armenia until Oct. 31. Not only does one get delicious food, a portion of the total price is getting donated to Armenia. If this isn’t enough, donate to any of these websites mentioned so far. 

Help the Armenian Community  is filled with multiple reliable sources where you can donate, sign petitions, or even read articles to educate one with what is currently going on. They are categorized under seven sections, anywhere from taking immediate actions to domestic violence and aid for Armenian women. You don’t necessarily have to donate to help support Armenia, just being informed and spreading accurate information is a great way to help Armenia.