Patriots win third consecutive ring


Alondra Nuno

Freshman Chris Romero pitched in the fourth inning during the California Interscholastic Federation(CIF) Open Division Baseball Championship on May 25 at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium.

Alondra Nuno

Tension flared at the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium on May 25 during the 2019 California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Open Division Baseball Championship.

“When we were up 5-0,  I knew we were gonna be okay but that it wasn’t going to be easy,” assistant coach Alex Gamez said.

The Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) Patriots faced the Palisades Charter High School Dolphins. This is the third consecutive year that the Patriots made it to the CIF championship at Dodger Stadium. The Patriots emerged victoriously and beat the Dolphins 9-5.

“We play a really hard schedule to help us get ready during the season,” head coach Matt Mowry said. “Also at practice, we make sure that we concentrate on the small things because those are what help you win games and championships.”

After senior Alex Ballesteros walked two consecutive batters during the fourth inning, assistant coach Gus Rico decided it was time for a relief pitcher.  Daniel Pearl Magnet High School Freshman Chris Romero warmed up and called out of the bullpen.

“I knew that I was going to come in a tight situation, but I felt prepared because I’ve been in these types of situations,” Romero said.

Romero gave up one run and allowed two hits after being relieved by senior Sebastian Cueva in the bottom of the fifth inning. Romero left the bases loaded with one out on the scoreboard for Cueva to finish.

“He’s been having a great year all year and I told him at Friday’s practice at some point on Saturday’s game you’re gonna pitch,” Rico said.  “He was nervous but that was a big stage for a 15-year-old freshman.”

Cuevas pitched the rest of the game leading the Patriots to a win. With this victory, the Patriots are the third team to win three consecutive Open Division titles.

“It’s pretty special knowing that only two other coaches have done it over the long history of LA CITY baseball,” Mowry said. “This is a group of young men that will be missed.”