Girls lacrosse impacted by new coach


Karina Mara

Varsity player Maria Ruiz runs with the ball during the match against La Cañada High School. Birmingham Community Charter High School’s girls varsity lacrosse team won 19-11.

Sam Torres

With a new coach on the team, the Lady Patriots are working tirelessly to improve their game with new drills for the season.

Brittany Susnow, the team’s new head coach, brought new drills that have been put to practice and have benefitted the team’s performance. The new coach took some getting used to, along with the change in drills. The previous season showed a small lack of communication that the team is now working on improving. The team has an overall record of 8-6 and league record of 5-1. Along with communication, the team’s defense is a focus on improvement as well.

“Our communication has definitely gotten better for our defense, but there is definitely still improvement that could be done there,” junior and varsity player Maria Ruiz said. “Just talking to each other and making sure someone’s on ball or someones covering other people’s zones. Making sure that no attacker can get through and shoot”

In the previous season, the drills seemed irrelevant and did not help the team’s performance as much as they needed. The new drills ran by Susnow however, are paying off and are aiding the teams dynamic and gameplay.