Water polo catches amazing record as season continues


Harlow Frank

Sophomore Petra Vass left wing gets ready to pass the water polo ball ti teammate during practice on Feb. 5.

Harlow Frank

The Lady Patriots are having a great start to a fresh season so far with a total of 20-5, even as they lost in the semifinals, they are making big changes to their team and how they play during the game. With that in mind, the Lady Patriots will do their best to make it further and maybe even to the championship.

“Communicating while playing and playing more as a team will help us reach our goal to get to the championship,” sophomore driver Amelia Sanchez said.

In some of their latest games, they have won against teams like Granada Hills Charter High School with a score of 5-3 and El Camino Real Charter High School with a score of 8-3. This proves that they have taken that semifinal loss to heart and have been working on their gameplay and communication, which is their top priority to improve their gameplay.

“I think we should focus on more communicating while we play and when we are on offense,” sophomore set and point Julissa Jaco said.

Making these changes to their gameplay will increase their chances to get further in the league, and better the team itself. This season might yet be the turn around that the Lady Patriots as they make their way up the water polo ladder.

“Communication and dedication towards the game, this is what we will be doing for this season to be different from our last,” sophomore left wing Petra Vass said. “This is what we can do to make this season our season.”