Girls tennis team improves compared to previous seasons


Alexis Gutierrez

Christine Valenzuela swings her racket in her doubles match on Aug. 23 against Marshall High School.

Farah Faiza

Though Birmingham Community Charter High School’s girls tennis team season wrapped up with an overall score of 5-10, the team has increased their efforts during practice and with how they’ve been playing.

“This season has been such a roller coaster,” senior Karina Mara said, who is also the team’s singles one player and a Design Editor for the Prestige Yearbook. “It’s one of those things that for the team itself, we’re still in the process of really getting them to be at the top. This year I’d say we’re definitely better.”

With additional coaches this year, the team had further support and received a variety of methods and advice that allowed them to expand their skill on the courts. Many of the girls have seen an improvement in how they play compared to previous years as training has gotten more rigorous.

More players also joined the team, and just in time as several varsity and junior varsity players are set to graduate this year. Several of the players had their positions switched around multiple times from singles and doubles in order to find the best lineup.

“There were a few bumps in the road that each player had to overcome,” junior extended varsity player Daniela Dixon said. “As a team, we pushed each other to do the best we could do. This season has also taught us lessons that some of us can learn from for the following year.”

The team has been moved up from Division 2 to Division 1 this season and are now in playoffs.