Bethesda opens vault to new possibilities for Fallout series



The newest installment in the critically acclaimed Fallout franchise takes the series in a new direction by making the game entirely multiplayer.

Harlow Frank

After the release of “Fallout 4,” everyone has been waiting for a new and exciting Fallout game, and “Fallout 76” is just that, releasing on Nov. 24.

Bethesda launches its newest installment in the Fallout series with the introduction of “Fallout 76.” It will be an open world game set in West Virginia in the year 2278, after a nuclear-ravaged world, and will take place before previous games. “Fallout 76” will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

“Fallout 76” is a multiplayer survival game with a settlement feature that includes building CO-OP camps and unlike the previous Fallout games. Even though it is a multiplayer game, there will be missions to help the game still feel like a part of the Fallout series. The story isn’t the main focus and it features all new characters with little character development. “Fallout 76” will not be as difficult as previous Fallout games. It will also be introducing perk cards. It is pretty similar to the “Special” in “Fallout 4” but you are able to build up your perk card that will help support your game. “Fallout 76” wanted to do something to set it apart from the rest of the Fallout games and wanted to incorporate something that was different and they achieved that goal. To finish the game completely, it would take about 40 hours.

“Fallout 76” brings in all basic forms of the previous games and still finds a way to make it different. It is more colorful and vibrant than “Fallout 4” and is one of the biggest fallout game that has been made. Multiplayer being added as a new feature in the game it brings it to a whole new level. You’re not allowed to. People have had both a positive and negative reaction toward “Fallout 76” and the beta, some think that this might have killed the whole Fallout franchise and some think that the game has pros and cons and the cons outweigh the pros.

“I think it’s bad that  and I’m not a fan that Bethesda introduced this new feature because it takes away the purpose of the Fallout game for they way they made it a solo survival game to a multiplayer online game,” sophomore Jonathan Spahr said.