Athlete of the Month: Daniela Dixon


Alexis Gutierrez

Varsity player Daniela Dixon sets the ball during the second match of the tennis preseason on Aug. 23 against John Marshall High school.

Cassia Ramelb

Q: How long have you been playing tennis?

A: Since I was 10 and then I played for four years consistently. Then I took a break and now (I play again).

Q: How difficult is it as a student-athlete?

A: It can be difficult at times because I have to balance schoolwork and tennis. So, that becomes a struggle trying to see if I have time.

Q: What does your daily schedule consist of?

A: After practice, I usually go home, do work and if I have time on the weekends or Friday I go to the courts.

Q: What about tennis gives you joy?

A: Being part of a team and when you win games. That makes me happy.

Q: What dramatic changes have you implemented in your life due to sports?

A: The only big change would be coming home later than usual, so there’s less time to do homework, but I still manage to find the time.