Athlete of the Month: Lauryn Uhlenberg


Alexis Gutierrez

Senior Lauryn Uhlenberg strikes a golf ball during practice at the Van Nuys Golf Course.

Harlow Frank

Q: How does it feel to be athlete of the month? 

A: Surprised because many golf players aren’t considered athletes.

Q: Was golf your first choice as a sport and did you think you were going to get far?

A: Golf was my first choice because it was the easiest to get into and I didn’t have any expectations.

Q: What inspired you to play golf?

A: My family occasionally played a few games so I was familiar with the sport.

Q: Do you think you will continue playing golf in your college years? 

A: Not on a team but probably just for fun.

Q: What challenges do you face while doing school and golf?

A: The games tend to go late into the day and by the time I get home I have less time to do school work.