Mario Kart title to swerve onto mobile devices in upcoming year


“Mario Kart Tour” is expected to be as popular as beloved titles like “Mario Kart Wii, “Mario Kart DS” and “Mario Kart 8.” The app does not have an official price yet.

Samantha Freyre

Mario Kart fans will soon be able to enjoy racing away anywhere they go with the planned release of “Mario Kart Tour.”

There has not been much detail released on the new app, but it is set to be launched by March of 2019.

Over two million copies of Mario Kart 8 were sold in the U.S., and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has sold 459,000. The success of these should make the release of Mario Kart Tour extremely popular and worth players’ money.

However, many are still on edge about the release of this app because they believe that Nintendo will not deliver this game on time.

Nintendo has repeatedly talked about releasing certain games. However, some of these games end up not making it to the App Store.   

Nintendo has so far released titles like “Super Mario Run,” “Fire Emblem Heroes,” “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” and “Miitomo” for mobile devices.

“Mario Kart Tour” will be the fifth app released by Nintendo for mobile.

There is still no set price for the app, but many believe it will be the same price as the full version “Super Mario Run,” which was $9.99.