Playing new music with old-fashioned tech

This Victrola Solid Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player is available at Macy’s for $59.99.

This Victrola Solid Suitcase Bluetooth Record Player is available at Macy’s for $59.99.

Samantha Freyre

Music technology has developed at a very fast rate over the years and it’s only going to get better.

Recently, however, there  has been a revival of musical playblack products because of their authentic sound quality or because of younger generations who want to seem “hip.”

From vinyl record players to CD players, here are old, yet gold ways to listen to new tunes and still enjoy blasts from the past that are sure to leave older generations rolling in nostalgia.

A cassette tape, also known as a compact cassette, is used for recording and audio playback. Recently, we have seen a revival of this alternate music player. Artists such as Green Day have released their music on cassette tapes so their fans are able to hear the authenticity in their music.
Organizer of “Cassette Store Day” Charlie Ellison, believes the cassette appeals to the older generations because they are able to experience something from their childhood while younger people think of a cassette tape as a “novelty” item. Cassette players were first introduced in 1974.

At Target, a cassette player/recorder is sold for $19.99 compared to the price of around $3 back in the 70s.

The return of the record player has surprised many due to the various differences it has. New features like Bluetooth and wireless capabilities are not presented in the original versions. Record players or vinyl players have made their way back into our lives due to the high demand for them after various artists have made it possible to collect records as a form of listening to their music. The first invention of a record player was in 1877.

Record players can be purchased at Macy’s for $59.99 or Best Buy for $54.99. A record player used to cost around $150.

CD players were not expected to make their return anytime soon, so  many people were shocked to find out that there has been a demand for them. The first ever sold CD player was released by Sony in 1982.

CD players have made their way back into the lives of the younger generation because they have felt the need to preserve their musical influences.

A CD player now can be bought for $22.99, compared to their original cost of $670.