4 must-have video games to play this summer

Screenshot from YouTube
One game mode features a high quality version of a real Major League Baseball game.

‘MLB: The Show’ hits it out of park

By Joshua Fleisher

“MLB The Show 17” is the perfect game for baseball fans. It simulates a real baseball game with a great environment and realistic graphics.

The best way to feel like you are a part of an actual Major League Baseball game is to play “MLB The Show 17.” One of the game’s features is called “Retro Mode,” which allows you to feel like you are playing a vintage baseball video game.

The creators of “MLB The Show 17,” SIE San Diego Studio, learned from their mistakes in their previously released work. “MLB The Show 16” offered unreliable internet connections when playing with others online as the game tended to disconnect quite often, even near the very end of a game. The transition between game modes was also greatly improved in this new version. Mistakes were fixed to create the newest and best addition to the series.

“MLB The Show 17” is the most entertaining game for baseball fans. It’s meant to be the best way for anyone to be able to feel like they are part of an actual baseball game. This version of “MLB: The Show” ranks the highest among all others.

Price: $60

Platform: Playstation 4

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“Eldarya” features mainly female characters that dominate the gaming application.

‘Eldarya’ attracts female players into gaming world

By Melanie Damocles

Eldarya” is one of the best online otome, or female-dominated games created by Beemoov.

The main character is a guardian, a young female adult, who steps into a circle of mushrooms and gets transported into the magical realm of Eldarya. With no way to go home, the guardian will have to find a way to survive in their new environment.

Monthly competitions occur between the guards, a group of people called Shadow, Absynthe and Obsidian. You can play minigames to earn points which help your guard increase the overall points. Guards that receive the highest overall points win exclusive legendary items. Daily minigames allow players to win a bindle, a mystery box that offers random clothing along with a multitude of other items.

There are multiple companions that you can purchase or capture which bring back clothing items, food or bindle items after sending them out to explore areas.  Several shops are available for your player to buy clothing, companion food or other necessities. There is also a marketplace to sell goods or buy things such as event items and companion eggs.

With new lands to explore, fun events, interesting beings and adorable companions, it is impossible to get bored.

Step into the circle of mushrooms, uncover the secrets and dive into your unique story.

Price: Free

Platform: PC

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Pilots in “Titanfall 2” battle each other while taking control over their titans.

Graphics, story upgraded in ‘Titanfall 2’

By Tylin Jarrett

The release of “Titanfall 2” has been awaited by a multitude of video game enthusiasts. With countless additions made from the series’ previous game, the new addition is a must have.  

The game revolves around a pilot who has been disembarked from their titan, a large machine that is controlled by the player. The pilot and titan share an untouchable bond and compliment each other perfectly. The player is one of the best pilots around and many others are dedicated to stop you from reaching your titan and becoming the best of them all.

Aside from this capturing and compelling campaign mode, the game also includes a multiplayer mode that allows gamers to play with other people and friends online.

In 2014, Respawn Entertainment released the first game in the series, “Titanfall.” After years of refinement, the developers have created the second and newest installment. This new edition contains a similar storyline, but has better graphics than the former and the gameplay runs much smoother than before.

With such outstanding games, Respawn Entertainment is bound to become on of the brightest franchises in the gaming word.

Price: $60

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC

“Fallout 4” highlights the eeriness of the post-nuclear blast.

Fall into gaming world of ‘Fallout 4’

By Sam Torres

Players in “Fallout 4” are awakened into a mysterious world that has devastated by a nuclear blast and must start their new lives in an alternate American future.

“Fallout 4” follows the story of a mother or father trying to find their son Shaun who is  abducted into a world where you must learn to survive 200 years after a nuclear war in a 1950s era-inspired United States.

The character must leave Vault 111, a bunker which was made to withstand nuclear blasts. The Vaults have a dark history as they were usually used for social experiments.  

Once your character leaves the Vault, you go to your old house, meet up with your robot companion Codsworth and find the player’s son who has been taken by a mysterious group known as The Institute.

Bethesda, the creators of “Fallout” series, have put in maximum effort in creating this masterpiece RPG (role-playing game). With outstanding graphics and water physics, this game is unbelievable when it comes to the physical beauty of the game. The voice acting is so well done that you become emotionally attached with the characters themselves.

“Fallout 4” has an incredible storyline with so much lore and amazing character creation. The score of the game is so moving and the theme is breathtaking. This may be one of Bethesda’s greatest creation yet.

Price: $30-$60

Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC