New iPhone 7 feature outrages customers

Cristina Jercan

A new iPhone 7 feature has caused a commotion among Apple customers with

Apple's Iphone 7 enrages customers after new improvements.
Apple’s Iphone 7 enrages customers after new improvements.

today’s news that the phone will not include a headphone jack.

The earphones used for the new phone are wireless called Airpods. Even though this is a smart move for Apple, since iPhone 7 (also unveiled today) users will be forced to purchase earphones directly from Apple, there is a backlash from the public.

“It’s not fair at all because now it’s Apple going to cost more if you lose a pair of Airpods,” junior Kevin Garcia said.

There were rumors whether or not Apple was going to go through with this revolutionary wireless headphones change. Once The Wall Street Journal confirmed back in late June that there will be no audio jack, audiences were shocked and taken completely off guard.

Apple has created cordless bluetooth earphones called Airpods that will replace the regular headphones that come when an iPhone is purchased. The Airpods have a five hour battery life, come in a self charging case and cost $159.  They resemble very closely the current Apple Earpods and are essentially the same design, just without the wires.  

However, even with this frustrating yet exciting change, Apple won’t lose its audience. Many people are still excited for the new features of the iPhone 7 including a two new phone colors, 16GB being bumped up to 32GB for entry level phones and a second camera that will enable users to produce higher quality photos.

“It’s a slap in the face for all iPhone users,” Garcia said.