Athlete of the Month: Genevieve Avalos


Victoria Nunez

Freshman Genevieve Avalos positions herself to catch the ball. Avalos is the first freshman on varsity.

Irene Feher

During practice, freshman Genevieve Avalos steps up her game and brings it to her softball coach, Coach Jim Rose, who expects outstanding performance from her, as a varsity left-field (outfield).

“It’s a little bit overwhelming to be in varsity as a freshman because the coach expects a lot and I have to deliver,” Avalos said. “I play with juniors and seniors, so I have to step up my game.”

Avalos played softball for ten years, since she was four-years-old. Softball runs in her family blood. Her cousin, her mom and her aunt play softball, and their love for the challenging sport inspired her to play.

Avalos plays as a left-field in the varsity softball team for Birmingham Community Charter High School. Left-field is a position in the outfield between third base and shortstop. For her position in the team, she catches and fields balls and throws them into the shortstop/home base to get a play. Her expectations are high for the upcoming season, which will start on March 2.

“My expectations to win many games and improve for the next three years of being part of the team,” Avalos said. “I’ll look up to the seniors for improvement, as they expect me to become better.”

Many positive expectations for the season come with commitment to improve and perform well. Avalos plans to improve her slapping, which is an advantage to run fast to the first base after the player taps the ball when batting. She’s very quick and has a great arm for catching and throwing, which makes her fit to slap.

“I want to improve my slapping, which is difficult for me but I’m getting used to it,” Avalos said. “I have a good arm, since I’m in outfield. I’m fast at slapping, so that’s why my coach wants me to start slapping.”