Apple Music: The Netflix of music

Nallely DeLara

Apple Music has outdone its  competitors by  providing the users with better services.

The new addition gives access to all the music available in the Apple Store to over 800 million Apple users.

With a price of about $10 a month or over $100 a year. Many people are cautious with whether or not it’s worth their money since other streaming services such as the current leader “Spotify” are completely free. Conveniently enough, Apple provides a 90-day free trial.

“I think that it’s expensive to pay $10 a month because I can get music on Spotify without having to pay at all,” sophomore Ruzanna Manvelyan said.

Apple Music separates itself from the other streaming services, such as Pandora,  by providing a more personalized access. It gives the option to search for an  artist, song or music genre and select the one that will best fit what the user wants.

“Apple Music has more song selections that’s for sure,” sophomore Jessica Recinos said. “I like how they recommend music that you’ll like because I’ve found a lot of songs and artist I now love that I never even knew about before.”

Beats Music is now Apple Music therefore once users make an Apple Music account, their Beats Music account will automatically be terminated.

Beats Music users who are billed through AT&T will have the same payment method as before but instead of having one family account, they will receive individual accounts.

“I don’t use Beats Music or Apple Music because I don’t want to pay for music I can get for free, but if I did I would be very angry since Beats Music and Apple are different and people should have the option to use either,” junior Marilyn Vielma said.