Pros and cons of Apple’s new smartwatch


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More than 3 million Apple Watches have been sold since its debut five months ago.

Saba Mahmoudi

It’s been five months since the debut of Apple’s new smartwatch was met with both excitement and disappointment.

Apple Watch came out in May and Apple  since than has sold more than 3 million watches. The price of the smartwatch starts from $349 and can reach as high as $17,000.

One of the pros of the watch is its design, which has always been an important part of all Apple products. It comes in 38 different designs of wristbands, cases, sizes and prices, giving customers a variety of options to choose from.

As a wearable device, it has many apps including a few games. It is capable of sending and receiving text messages. The user is also able to listen to music with wireless Bluetooth headphones.

If the Apple Watch is paired with an iPhone 5 or later models, it allows you to send and receive phone calls through the speaker or a Bluetooth headset.

One of the negative aspects of Apple Watch is that if one doesn’t have an iPhone 5 or later, having an Apple Watch is useless.

Apple Watch needs to be charged every day. Since it has to be connected to your phone, it also drains the battery on your phone faster than usual. Without a connection to your iPhone, Apple Watch will not give you access to the location tracking and internet.

Apple Watch is not suitable for everyday use because it’s too big and only splash resistance. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use it for special occasions only.

If you have tattoos around your wrist, Apple Watch most likely will not function properly because the dark ink of the tattoo blocks the light from the senors, which is necessary for features like the heart monitor to work.

If you are a fan of all Apple products, Apple Watch is a suitable and a useful gadget to purchase. If you’re not an Apple fan, it makes more sense for you to wait for later models. One thing for certain is that Apple Watch is not the must-have device.