Club Corner: Quill and Scroll offers journalism opportunities

Club sponsor of Quill and Scroll, Adriana Chavira encourages students to take the opportunity to improve their writing and photography skills.

“Because our (student media) staff has been very small, we’ve offered writing opportunities or photography opportunities to the rest of the staff or to students who come in and join the club,” Chavira said. “Some kids who could not fit the production class into their schedule because of the block schedule can contribute without being in the class.”

Mostly, for the first half of Quill and Scroll, students are given the chance to eat. Shortly after, The Pearl Post and Prestige Yearbook editors announce any possible articles and assignments that students could take part in if they wish to. This club offers students a chance to contribute to the publications and come together to participate without actually being in the class. 

“My schedule was too busy this year and I was unable to take the Pearl Post so this was a nice way to continue writing even though I’m not in the class,” freshman Serena Elkins said. “From just one meeting, students can get writing experience, especially for those who would like to join the Pearl Post in the future.”

Every other Thursday during lunch in Room 22, students are allowed the chance to write, design or take photos for The Pearl Post. It grants students from all grade levels the opportunity to take up an assignment that seems interesting or exciting.  

“You get a sneak peek into the actual works of publishing such as The Pearl Post and yearbook magazine,” sophomore Isaac Herrera said. “Everyone gets to express themselves by writing and taking photos; it’s a unique opportunity.”

Club President Delilah Brumer encourages students to join Quill and Scroll and expresses the importance of participation for future purposes and self-development.  Fun activities are organized such as icebreakers and games such as Mafia or Graphic Telephone. 

“It’s a really great bonding opportunity for people of different friend groups and different ages to come together to learn and work through journalism and have fun,” Brumer said. “I would encourage people to join if they want to contribute to the Pearl Post  but even if they don’t want to write, they can take photos or create art that they’re happy with.”