Get in the loop with senior Kayla’s crochet business


Delilah Brumer

Senior Kayla Lopez crochets her way through senior year hoping to grow her business. She manages to balance school and the growth of her business while having fun.

Question: How did you get into crocheting?

Answer : “I got into it since I saw a lot of TikToks on my for you page and I got inspired since I wanted to get into some type of art.” 

Q: What was the first thing you crocheted?

A: “The first thing I ever crocheted was supposed to be a dog but it turned out to be a snake. It was because I messed up really badly.”

Q: How did you decide you wanted to start crocheting as a business?

A: “I realized that I had no money and I didn’t want to get a job. I thought that it would be more fun if I made money by crocheting things.”

Q: Do you hope to make your business bigger or take it further? How so?

A: “Yeah, I do really hope I can become bigger than when I first started the business. Also, I guess just using what I know now because when I first started, I had like no idea what I was doing and it just helps knowing stuff.” 

Q:  What is your favorite thing you’ve crocheted? Why?

A: “My favorite thing I ever crocheted was probably this bouquet of flowers for my history teacher Mrs.Helfing. It was just really special and one of the biggest things I’ve made so far.”

Q: What has been your most challenging project, yet?

A: “My most challenging project yet was probably a turtle. I was confused the entire time making it. It was unraveling a lot and I almost gave up but it came out really cute.”

Q:  What types of things do you crochet?

A: “I really like to crochet like clothing. I’d say I like to make leg warmers, shirts, and also like fingerless gloves.”