Movie Review: ‘Halloween’ finally ends

Grant Asner and Sabrina Robertson

Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell of “Snowpiercer”), a new kind of evil, is introduced in a bone-chilling opening scene. The movie takes place in Haddonfield, Illinois, home to the infamous serial killer Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney). Corey seeks revenge on his bullies and anyone who taunts him by blood… or at least a little blood.  

It’s impressive how director David Gordon Green (“Halloween” and “Stronger”) can add new ways to keep “Halloween” innovating for each movie of the new trilogy. Sadly for “Halloween Ends,” this reputation is completely thrown out the window within the first 15 minutes of the movie. You watch a perfectly normal Corey accidentally knock Jeremy, the child he is babysitting, over the railing of several flights of stairs. You then see his body hit the floor with a sickening thud. Soon after, you find out Corey doesn’t face any criminal charges and is known by the town as just another socially awkward freak who is slowly turning against everyone.

The next half of the movie is taken up by Corey’s generic and boring character development. This wouldn’t have been such a problem if he wasn’t written so predictably and didn’t act so much like any other corny, misunderstood slasher teen.  

The movie seems to not know who its main character is either. Should we focus on the new monster Corey and the evil eating away at him or Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), the survivor who knows everything about Michael? It’s hard to understand the significance of adding new main characters when we are all here to see how the legend of Michael Myers ends. 

If anything is consistent in the “Halloween” movies, it’s the gore, which we most definitely see lots of in “Halloween Ends” but applied to very lackluster kills. There were only around four memorable kills. I can’t recall a less fatal and worse “Halloween” movie. There were a total of 15 kills. Michael only contributed two to this movie’s kill count. 

A horror/slasher icon of 44 years gone in 10 minutes with poorly written goodbyes between Laurie and Michael along with a rushed end leaves fans disappointed. I wouldn’t recommend “Halloween Ends” to any of the franchise’s fans because it resembles nothing of the edge-of-your-seat slashers that came before it and leaves the viewer with no treat but only frustration to go home with.