Video Review: ‘Taste that ‘Pink Venom”

BLACKPINK’s latest music video is elegant and chic.

Desiree Spurkel

K-pop sensation BLACKPINK, known for songs such as “How You Like That” and “Ddu du Ddu Du,” has recently released a new single and music video titled “Pink Venom.”

The music video premiering on Aug. 18 caught the attention of many people for its artistic visuals. “Pink Venom” is a pre-release single for their upcoming album “Born Pink” dropping on Sept. 16. Their upcoming world tour is just around the corner on Oct. 15.

BLACKPINK has been on the music scene since their debut under YG Entertainment in August 2016. They are a four-member girl group comprised of Jennie, Jisoo, Rosè and Lisa.

The music video has a lot of different aspects that make it incredible to watch. Its strongest component is the outfits that the members perform in. The styles of outfits range from regal to chic, traditional Korean outfits, and even different styles of streetwear. Each member has her own style that is incorporated into “Pink Venom” and is very well done and cohesive. The most striking outfit is Jennie’s red one piece at the beginning of the song. It sets this powerful tone as she captures the viewers attention with her eyes and facial expressions. It fits her aesthetic perfectly.

“Pink Venom’s” other strong point is the quality of its sets. BLACKPINK is well known for its wealth and high budget when it comes to its music videos. Each set is detailed and immersive. One of the best sets in the video was Jisoo’s moon throne set in her second pre-chorus. Jisoo is shown sitting on a throne with the moon behind her, sprinkling red glitter on a small bed of roses. She said in a behind-the-scenes video that the scene was inspired by vampires.

With all the gorgeous outfits and sets came some unfortunate drawbacks. The music video’s most noticeable issue is its lack of cohesiveness in sets. Each set individually was gorgeous, however, they didn’t seem to have much meaning with each other. The music video jumps from temples to alleyways and even into a volcano. K-pop music videos tend to center around a specific concept or theme. But from a random watcher’s perspective, it can seem confusing when watching “Pink Venom.”

An issue with the video is how it is edited. The camera angles are clean and dynamic but they cut between shots so often the viewer cannot digest what is happening. It becomes almost dizzying and it doesn’t give the members any time to really show off their charisma to the camera.

BLACKPINK continue to release record-smashing content and it was no surprise that “Pink Venom” as a music video did not disappoint their audiences. There are surely greater things to expect when they release their full album on Sept. 16. Fans are itching for more.