Halloween Spirits

The first Halloween since isolation, how are students celebrating?

Emily Short

Many students are thrilled to get ready for a spooky and fun Halloween especially since this will be the first Halloween back on campus.

“I’m excited to go trick or treating,” junior Sabrina Robertson said. “I’m excited to actually have friends over this Halloween, because last Halloween was not that fun.”

With many teens now vaccinated, they feel safer going out with friends. Therefore, they are busy planning their Halloween festivities by preparing their costumes and mapping out where they will be heading to that night.

“I’m probably going to go see a friend and we’re going to meet up with a few others and go trick or treating in their neighborhood,” sophomore Desiree Spurkel said.

Some students are excited about dressing up in goofy outfits, going around the neighborhood and collecting candy from different houses. Students are also getting ready to do what Halloween is most famous for: trick or treating. They are looking forward to roaming around neighborhoods and collecting treats throughout the night.

“I’m excited about going back into being able to go out during that night and have a good time, get some candy, and give candy to people,” senior Cameron Frank said. “I’ll be hanging out with some friends and go trick or treating with them.”