Soon to be released, summer movies not to miss



Summer movies are beginning to flood our screens, among them is “Cruella” by Disney+ which was released on May 28.

Jessica Melkonyan

Summer is just around the corner and new upcoming films could be experienced in movie theatres once again or in the comfort of your own home on various streaming services.  

Cruella (May 28) A prequel to the classic Walt Disney Studios movie “101 Dalmatians,” Cruella (played by Emma Stone) is about an aspiring fashion designer’s journey to success, but takes a sharp turn and leads her into the life that made her reputation infamously cruel.This PG-13 film will be released in theatres and on Disney +. 

In the Heights (June 11) Taking place in a Latino neighborhood in New York City called Washington Heights, this musical film is about the life of a bodega owner (Anthony Ramos) and his passed-down fortune from his grandmother. This musical (based on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s play) conveys the struggles and diversity of Latino living in the depths of New York City neighborhoods. “In the Heights”  (PG-13) will be released on HBO Max. 

Fatherhood (June 18) A story about a man who became a widow and a father within 24 hours, Matthew Logelin, played by Kevin Hart, experiences fatherhood and solo-parenting on a different level with his newborn daughter. This is a Netflix Original movie. This is a PG-13 Netflix original. 

The Tomorrow War (July 2) In this movie, a man gets drafted into a war that takes place 30 years into the future. The drafted soldier, Chris Pratt, fights in this global war, against destructive aliens. “The Tomorrow War” (PG-13) is an Amazon Prime Release film. 

Black Widow (July 9) This movie is about Natasha Romanoff (played by Scarlett Johansson), also known as Black Widow’s adventures between the journeys of “Civil War” and “Infinity War”. This (PG-13) film will be released in theatres and on Disney +. 

Jungle Cruise (July 30) Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) and Frank (Dwayne Johnson) quest on a riverboat down a jungle, where they experience and journey through the midst of supernaturally dangerous animals with a group of travelers. “Jungle Cruise” (PG-13) will be released on Disney + and in theatres.