Shows, movies to get you in full spring for this week off



Spring Break is just around the corner, so here is a compiled list of shows and movies to get our minds of school. Among them, there’s multiple Netflix recommendations including “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

Gabrielle Lashley

Spring Break is almost here and it would be the perfect opportunity to take some time to watch the shows and movies you might’ve missed out on. 

A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 1) (2017): After the parents of three children perish in a house fire, the three Baudelaire orphans leave their destroyed home in an endless search for a new guardian and a perilous quest to find out what led to their parents’ death. Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton and Malina Weissman, this dramatic mystery is dark, witty, suspenseful and so much more. It’s definitely worth your watch over this coming break and if you have time, the other 2 seasons are right around the corner. This series can be found on Netflix.

A Silent Voice (2016): “A Silent Voice” is a gorgeous animated film where a boy who once bullied a girl for being deaf, tries to mend his relationship with her years later. It depicts topics such as self-loathing and social isolation. While this should be watched by more mature audiences due to its portrayal of depression and suicidal tendencies, “A Silent Voice,” is still worth a watch and is bound to leave you in tears. This movie can be found on Netflix or YouTube. 

Enola Holmes (2020): Starring Millie Bobby Brown, “Enola Holmes” begins after the mother of the Holmes’ family goes missing. The younger sister of Sherlock Holmes- Enola Holmes- takes it upon herself to search for their mother after her brothers fail to do so. In a quest to find her mother and a test of her own mystery-solving abilities, Enola takes on a thrilling adventure, making unexpected friendships and new enemies along the way. This film is exciting, compelling and will definitely have you on the edge of your seat. This film is available on 


Hilda (2018): Currently sitting at 2 seasons, “Hilda” is about a young girl by the same name who loves the wilderness with all her heart but is forced to move to the big city. Expecting polluted air and boring people, Hilda finds nothing of the sort and instead, embarks on marvelous adventures with new friends and seemingly endless discoveries. “Hilda” is a feel-good show where you can snuggle up on a warm couch and watch for hours. If there’s any show that’s a must-watch over spring break, “Hilda” has to be the one. This series is available on Netflix. 

Infinity Train (Season 1) (2019): “Infinity Train” season one is about a young girl named Tulip whose only hope is to go to a game design camp but caught up in their divorce, her parents can’t take her. In an effort to get to camp by herself, she ends up on an infinite train where every car contains its own universe and a mysterious number on her hand. While every season of “Infinity Train” is given new main characters and plots, it gets better every single season and is definitely worth a watch. This show is available on HBO Max.

One Day at a Time (Season 1) (2017): “One Day at a Time” is a remake of the original 1975 series by the same name. It’s a hilarious sitcom about the life of a Cuban-American family of 4 and their kooky landlord. “One day at a Time” isn’t just a goofy comedy but also an emotional show that hits home for a lot of people as well. It can pull you from tears of heartbreak to tears of laughter in no time and is just something that everyone should experience. This series can be watched on Netflix.

Rango (2011): As his host family goes on a road trip, pet Chameleon Rango falls out of his tank and finds himself in a dried up town called Dirt that’s in desperate need of water. In a situation where Rango sees a potential acting job, he poses as a mighty gunslinger, takes on the role of sheriff, and vows to solve the mystery of the missing water problem. The tasteful, animated comedy, along with Johnny Depp’s masterfull voice acting, makes this the perfect movie to watch whenever you’re bored and in need of a laugh. This film can be found on Netflix and rented or bought on YouTube. 

The Half of It (2020): High schooler Eli Chu is paid to write other kid’s English essays but when a classmate pays her to write a love letter to his crush she falls into your seemingly every day love story but not just one of romance. “The Half of It” (2020) has so much heart, emotion, and is a great exploration of romantic and platonic relationships. If you like happy endings, this is the movie to watch this coming spring break. This film can be watched on Netflix.