Take a trip down quarantine lane, look back at the most popular shows this year



Quarantine has allowed streaming devices to flourish with new shows, among them is Netflix’s “Outer Banks.” This is only one of the many shows most talked about since the pandemic started.

Branden Gerson

We have been stuck at home in quarantine since March and there have been times where we feel stuck with nothing to do. Therefore, watching TV has become one of everyone’s favorite past times and opportunities to escape the stress of the real world.

These are seven of the shows most commonly watched and talked about during quarantine in 2020.

¨Outer Banks¨ : Set in the outer banks of North Carolina, a teenage ¨Pogue¨ named John B. and his group of friends hunt for answers regarding his vanished father. In the process, they discover that a fabled treasure is connected to his father. While pursuing the treasure they uncover the shocking truth about John´s father´s fate and the involvement of unsuspecting town members. This TV-show was so popular that it received the number one spot on Netflix just nine days subsequent to its release.

¨Umbrella Academy¨ : In this Netflix series, a group of adopted siblings with superpowers reunite in order to solve the case of their fathers death. Consequently, they discover the danger they are all in and work together to stop the apocalypse before it takes place. In this sci-fi show, the siblings’ turbulent relationship and ongoing tension always seems to impede their own plans. 

¨The Office¨ : ¨The Office¨ is a mockumentary capturing on tape the employees from a mid level paper supply company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In this sit-com, a boss with unorthodox methods manages an office of mixed characters as they eccentrically navigate their days as office employees. Since ¨The Office¨ is leaving Netflix at the end of 2020, office fanatics have been rushing to binge it one last time, while new office viewers are taking advantage of their last chance to watch this legendary show while it is still on Netflix.

¨Lucifer ¨ : Featured on Netflix, this TV-mature, drama series captures the life of the devil, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), following his departure from hell and vacation in Los Angeles. Once in LA he meets Detective Chloe Decker( Lauren German) and becomes a police consultant.He focuses on ensuring punishment for the guilty while trying to understand Detective Chloe Decker.

¨Tiger King¨ : In this seven-episode documentary, a notorious wildcat collector known as ¨Joe Exotic¨ is in a labyrinth dispute with his adversary, an animal rights activist, Carol Baskin. This real life murder mystery show takes a look at the disreputable exotic animal industry. This Netflix show was  all the talk beginning in April and through May. 

¨Avatar: The Last Airbender¨ : ¨Avatar: The Last Airbender¨ is an animated series focusing on a young avatar named Aang and his journey to bring peace to the four nations. After having disappeared for 100 years, he was rediscovered by two southern water tribe siblings Sokka and Katara. They travel the globe together with an earth bending prodigy named Toph, helping him master the four elements in order to face the fire-lord. ¨Atla¨ was released on Netflix this May, 15 years after it first aired on Nickelodeon.  Many teenagers and young adults started watching this show for the sake of nostalgia.

¨Big Mouth¨: ¨Big Mouth¨ is a TV-mature animated comedy centered on a few teenagers as they embrace the fun and encounter the terrors of puberty and adolescents as a whole. Season 4 came out this December on Netflix. Everyone was excited to get their fourth  peek into the relatable world of which these animated teens are facing.