Relive some of these Halloween favorites from your childhood



Halloween is coming up and due to COVID you may not be able to go out this year but don’t worry! These childhood Halloween movies are perfect for a cozy night in.

Gabrielle Lashley

With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, there’s much to be desired this Halloween season. While some are still going out, others are taking precautions and planning indoor activities. If you’re one of those people, here is a list of 10 spooky, throwback movies to watch with your loved ones on Halloween night.

Gremlins (1984): After a small pet-like-creature is presented to a well-meaning boy, he accidentally breaks all three rules that were given to him as the pet is under his care, unknowing of the carnage that would follow if he were to break them. This horrifying film can be bought or rented on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video.

BeetleJuice (1988): This classic, directed by Tim Burton, is about a couple who has died and who haunt their old house. They haunt their home in peace until an insufferable living family moves in and they fail to drive them away. Desperate, the couple summons a demon, being the iconic Beetlejuice, to scare the family away through terrifying graphics. This film can be bought or rented off of YouTube.

The Addams Family (1991): “The Addams Family” is a film based off of a television series with the same name, created by Charles Addams. This movie, directed by Tim Burton, is about a peculiar family whose uncle has been missing for several years, or at least until he appears on the doorstep of the Addams Family Mansion. Thrilled to have their uncle back, most of the family fails to question whether or not this is their beloved uncle at all. This chilling yet delightful film can be found on Netflix or bought or rented on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.

Hocus Pocus (1993): Directed by Kenny Ortega, “Hocus Pocus” is about three witches that were thought to be executed 300 years ago, that is until the new kid in town mistakenly wakes them from their slumber. As the three witches hunger for revenge on the town of Salem, Max, his little sister, and his friend must plot to stop their nefarious plans all on Halloween night. This film can be bought or rented on Amazon Prime Video or Youtube.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): In this stop-motion animated film, written by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick, a living skeleton named Jack Skellington is the first in his town to discover a place called Christmas Town. In this place he gains the new-found desire to integrate Christmas into his own Halloween Town. Although, even with Jack’s good intentions, still came harrowing misfortune to both Halloween Town and Christmas Town. This film can be bought or rented off of YouTube.

Corpse Bride (2005): Directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson, “Corpse Bride” is a stop-motion animated film that follows the story of a young man, Victor Van Dort, who is soon to be married. After Victor fumbles his lines at his wedding rehearsal he leaves and enters the woods to practice on his own. When Victor says his vows and places his wedding ring on the stick of an arm-shaped branch, a corpse emerges from the ground, under the impression Victor would like to marry her. This film can be bought or rented on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video.

Monster House (2006): This 3D animated film follows three teenagers and their investigation of the suspicious neighbor across the street. Little did they know that they should have been more suspicious of the house, rather than the neighbor. This comedic thrill of a movie can be bought or rented on YouTube.

Coraline (2009): Based on a dark fantasy novel by Neil Gaiman, the stop-motion animated film “Coraline” follows the thrilling tale of a young girl named Coraline as she and her family move into a new town. As Coraline explores her new home, she finds a door that leads to everything she thought she ever wanted, but actually opened a gateway to something of a nightmare. You can rent or buy the “Coraline” film on Amazon Prime Video or YouTube.

Frankenweenie (2010): Based off of the live-action short film “Frankenweenie,” released in 1984 and also directed by Tim Burton, this film by the same name is a 3D stop motion animated movie that follows the chilling adventure of a boy named Victor and his beloved dog. When his dog, Sparky, is hit by a car and suddenly passes away, Victor can only find one solution to his sadness, and that is to bring Sparky back to life, leading to catastrophic events in their town. If you’d like to watch this comedic horror, it can be bought or rented on Amazon Prime Video or YouTube.

Paranorman (2012): This stop-motion film follows the thrilling adventure of Norman Babcock, a boy who can talk to ghosts. When his kooky uncle tells him about a curse that was cast on their town by a witch he says it’s Norman’s job to stop it by reading the writings from a book. Norman fails to read the scripture and to his surprise, the curse was real and it rose from the dead to wreak havoc on the town. If you’re interested in a film with eerie graphics and a heart-felt ending, Paranorman can be watched on Netflix or bought or rented off of Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.