Just the fall necessities

What to wear with your face mask.

Jessica Melkonyan


We may be in the middle of a pandemic but that shouldn’t be stopping you from pulling off a trendy outfit.

During this time, it’s important to keep your self-esteem on the radar. When you don’t go out of the house and see people, it really affects your mental status. So when you get the chance to leave your house of doom, you’d want to take that opportunity to dress up and show yourself off even though you’re probably just going to the grocery store. Some people even like to fancy-up just to sit at home. Fashion is a significant part of everyone’s lives. Everyone wears clothes right? The bonus of it all is strutting your style, no matter where you are or who you’re with. In this day and age, everyone needs confidence. 

So here’s a little guide, to inspire and motivate you to boost your self-esteem with fashion choices. But face it,  the mask is not preventing you from looking good, it’s actually a unique add on to a-rockin’ outfit. A pizzazz to our world of pandemic distress. . .