Snuggle and binge chocolates on these Valentine’s Day Special episodes

The Simpsons is one of the many recommended television shows to watch with loved ones and family on Valentines Day. Here are more Valentines Day based specials to binge and laugh at.

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“The Simpsons” is one of the many recommended television shows to watch with loved ones and family on Valentine’s Day. Here are more Valentine’s Day based specials to binge and laugh at.

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Grab a friend, mom, sister or loved one and have a Valentine’s Day Special episodes spree. Here are a few recommendations to start off the vibe. 

“Gilmore Girls”

“A Vineyard Valentine”

Season 6, Episode 15 

Rory and Logan invite Lorelei and Luke over at Logan’s partner’s home to celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend. As to think the weekend would be full of love and happiness, Luke forgets his gift for Lorelei and Mitchell ruins Logan’s time with Rory due to work.

“The Simpsons”

“Love Lisa”

Season 4, Episode 15

Lisa sends Ralph a card after feeling sorry for him. When Ralph receives the card, he begins to develop feelings for her and decides to invite her to go see the “Krusty the Clown” show. When Krusty asks them if they are boyfriend and girlfriend, Lisa pulls the “friend-zone” label on Ralph.


“The One with the Candy Hearts”

 Season 1, Episode 14

Chandler is accidentally set up with his ex-girlfriend by Joey. After nine years of not dating, Ross ends up meeting his ex-wife in the same restaurant attracting an uncomfortable aura. Meanwhile, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe decide to rebel against the romantic holiday by burning old mementos of their past relationships.

“The Vampire Diaries” 

“Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Season 5 Season 13 

At Mystic Falls High School, Bonnie and Elena are talked into the school dance dedicated for broken-hearted students. Katherine, Elena’s doppelganger wants to get back with Stefan and will do anything to achieve that. Before the dance, Bonnie meets another student that practices witchcraft.

“The Office”

“Valentine’s Day”

Season 2, Episode 16

Dunder Mifflin celebrates Valentine’s Day by decorating the office with cheap decorations. Pam gets mad because Roy didn’t get her anything to celebrate. Dwight struggles to find a gift for Angela and Kelly talks Jim’s eat off about her affections for Ryan.