Tyler, The Creator’s “IGOR” product of creative genius


Photo from Instagram

Tyler, The Creator released his fourth studio album “IGOR” on May 17.

Jessica Melkonyan

Award-winning rapper Tyler, The Creator revives the otherwise generic rap scene with the release of highly-anticipated record “IGOR.

Released on May 17, Los Angeles-based rapper Tyler Gregory Okonma’s record “IGOR” not only boasts smooth transitions and admirable political messages, it also acts as a subject of deep inspection. This album is entirely different from his past work in the sense that each song elicits a different response from listeners. Additionally, there are many featured artists, although their names are not mentioned on the titles of the songs. This mystery brings the listeners to serious thinking.

The second track “EARFQUAKE” has already hit #1 on Top 100 in the United States on Apple Music, along with “I THINK” and “RUNNING OUT OF TIME” in the Top 10. In a recent Instagram post, Okonma stated “IGOR” is nothing like the others and wants the listeners to “fully indulge” in its lyrics and messages.

Unpredictable seems to be the only word that could properly encapsulate the tracks off of the newly-released record is. Each song has a unique, unexpected transition, whether it’s song-to-song or even just a minute after a track started. One would never think the loud, full beat of “NEW MAGIC WAND” could transform to a lower, techno one.

The artist’s other past records like 2017 “Flower Boy” and 2015 “Cherry Bomb” both emit different abstract energies from “IGOR.” Generally speaking though, every single one of his records are uniquely divergent from each other. His first popular album “Goblin” certainly is the darkest and goriest of them all, whereas “Flower Boy” was upbeat and sappy. Beyond each record having its own unique identity, every tracks tells a different story. In the end though, every song seems to come together to form a collective meaning.

Details regarding an upcoming tour have not been released but in the meanwhile, fans can be found busily deciphering the new record’s symbolism and basking in its crisp, refreshing and unparalleled sound.