Marina springs up from four-year hiatus with ‘Love + Fear’


Marina Diamondis, formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds, returns after a four year hiatus with the release of her new album ‘LOVE + FEAR.’

Cassia Ramelb

Taking a step away from Marina and the Diamonds and her four-year musical hiatus, Marina Lambrini Diamandis finds new love and fear as MARINA.

The Welsh-Greek singer, songwriter and record producer released her new two-part album “LOVE+FEAR” on April 26.

“So I thought, why don’t I do two collections of songs that form a set?” 33-year-old Diamandis said to Genius in an interview about her new album. “And this felt very natural, universal [and] simple to me and that’s why I called it love and fear.”

Songs one through eight mirrors a longing to live life to the fullest and empower others through unity. Meanwhile, songs nine through sixteen discover the purpose of life, insecurities, gender inequality and abuse of power.

“The general sound [is]…” quite simple, direct, spacious and fresh,” Marina tells Genius. In her previous albums, she described “Electra Heart” as “a fun record to make” and “FROOT” as “brilliant.”

Diamandis premiered “Handmade Heaven” on Feb. 8, then later “Orange Trees” and “Superstar.” More recently Diamandis features on Clean Bandit’s “Baby.”

Diamandis released eight songs from track one of “LOVE+FEAR” on April 4 under the name “LOVE.” 

In writing “LOVE,” Diamandis went through a difficult chapter in life as she sought to rediscover herself. Diamandis introduces her mystically melodic voice with gentle pop instrumentals. She copes with the sadness of being separated from life and nature by setting aside time to create an imagined paradise.

“I can easily say this is my favorite @MarinaDiamandis album so far…but it’s really hard to pick a favorite,” @NICK12604 tweeted. “Each era is its own standout piece of work, a different time in her life. You can tell of her evolution as a music artist from piece to piece!”

So far, Diamandis released the music video of “TO BE HUMAN” on April 4 hitting No. 3 on @SpotifyUK’s New Music Friday.

“As an LGBT girl myself, can I just say how beautifully heartwarming (it is) to see an artist you admire promoting equal rights on her platform,” @0NTHESH0REE tweeted. “These images made me so emotional. I’m not just crying, I’m bawling.”

MARINA kicks off her comeback with a headlining U.K. tour on April 29, later touring in the U.S. in the fall.