Lana Del Rey Confirms Radiohead lawsuit allegations

Julissa Rangel

Just seven short months after the July release of her fifth studio album “Lust For Life,” Lana Del Rey informed her fans via Twitter that allegations of a lawsuit filed by Radiohead for copying their 1993 hit “Creep” are true.

32-year-old indie singer Del Rey confirmed to fans on Jan. 7 that rumors regarding a lawsuit filed against her by Radiohead were valid on Twitter. The singer’s song “Get Free” uses musical elements found in verses of “Creep,” according to their publishing company in a recent interview with Spin.

It’s true about the lawsuit,” she tweeted. “Although I know my song wasn’t inspired by Creep, Radiohead feels it was and want 100% of the publishing. I offered up to 40 over the last few months but they will only accept 100. Their lawyers have been relentless, so we will deal with it in court.

However, Radiohead’s publisher Warner/Chappell denied that the band was issuing a lawsuit and that they were demanding 100% of the song’s publishing. This could very easily be because of a lawsuit filed against Radiohead in 1972 for “Creep” bearing similarities to the song “The Air That I Breathe” by The Hollies. It’s likely that The Hollies could also be receiving a portion of the publishing of the song if Radiohead can convince Del Rey to give them her 100% of the publishing for “Get Free.”

During a live performance in Detroit, Del Rey announced to fans that she may have to remove the song from future physical copies of the record if she does get sued.

“Get Free,” Del Rey said. “I just want to say that I do have a particular song that Radiohead wants 100 percent of my publishing for. Regardless of what happens in court, the sentiment that I wrote in that particular song, which was my statement song for the record, my personal manifesto. Regardless if it gets taken down off of everything, that those sentiments that I wrote, I really am going to strive for them, even if that song is not on future physical releases of the record.

Compare the two songs here:

“Get Free”– Lana Del Rey

“Creep”– Radiohead