Pixar takes over California Adventure

David Eskichyan

Loren Javier
As seniors are set to have their Grad Night at Disney California Adventure, there are new, Pixar-themed renovations being made to the theme park.

Disney California Adventure will undergo various renovations for a new “Pixar Pier” with Pixar-themed rides in place of the rides that have been there since the original debut of the park.

Once Pixar Pier makes its mark in the park, half of the 72-acre-park will be Pixar-themed. With many popular Pixar characters, the park will be composed of four new themed neighborhoods inspired by “The Incredibles,” “Toy Story,” “Inside Out” and one composed of a celebration of many Pixar stories and characters. Pixar Pier marks the first land of beloved Pixar stories such as “The Incredibles” and “Inside Out.”

It is yet to be determined if the long-awaited “Pixar Pier” will be open in time for Grad Night, as the Class of 2018 is set to enjoy its Grad Night at Disney California Adventure on June 9. With a date for the completion of renovations set somewhere in summer 2018, a limited-time Pixar Fest celebration will begin kick off at Pixar’s new home at Disney California Adventure featuring new attractions such as “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular” fireworks show.

“I look forward to knowing that I’m going to have a bunch of fun with my friends, which are now more of family, and then I’ll be on my way to being an adult,” senior Alana Cush said.

Due to these renovations, many popular rides such as “California Screamin’” will be temporarily closed in attempts to re-theme and modernize some rides while many favorite rides such as “Mickey’s Fun Wheel” will be given new looks. One of the biggest changes to the park will be the re-theming and modernization of the famous “California Screamin’” which will soon be based off of “The Incredibles” as an Incredicoaster. A new family-friendly “Inside Out” based attraction is also in the works.

“I’m always excited to see something new,” office technician Lupe Osorio said, who plans to supervise the senior class during their trip. “I’m not a big fan of rides. I like to walk around and eat food and see everything so it’s always exciting to see something new.”

With these new changes, new attractions, food and merchandise will be found all across the park. Pixar short films will also be played in the former MuppetVision theater and a musical troupe will perform at the Paradise Gardens bandstand. Pixar characters may also be found around the park in designated meet-and-greet areas.

Upcoming renovations at Disney California Adventure excite seniors and raise expectations about what their Grad Night will look like.  

“I’m really excited because I know for Grad Night we’re going there, and I want to go see all the new rides,” senior Lisset Bayardo said.