Grad night finalized after weeks of controversy

Jade Campbell

Wikimedia Commons
Seniors will have their Grad Night at Disney’s California Adventure on June 9.

The class of 2018 will have grad night at Disney’s California Adventure instead of the happiest place on earth on June 9.

Usually, grad night takes place at Disneyland after graduation, but not this school year. PTSA board member Mary Bower, who is in charge of booking grad night, was unable to secure Disneyland due to technical difficulties. Disneyland also had fewer dates available compared to previous years.

“Disney had changed the ticket situation that had previously been in place, and now they had three different options,” senior class sponsor and Magnet Coordinator Nicole Bootel said. “The seniors voted for the option they wanted.”

When Disneyland was sold out on the best dates for seniors, Magic Mountain was considered as a more affordable option.

“I called Magic Mountain,” Bower said. “We have never been there with our school before. It would have been the night of graduation.”

When students found out that their grad night may take place at Six Flags Magic Mountain, they weren’t too pleased.

“I felt a bit excluded,” senior Lisset Bayardo said. “I can’t get on a lot of rides at Six Flags due to previous medical injury, I felt Disneyland would have been a better option.”

Other students were upset because they didn’t want to have their high school grad night where middle schoolers would be having theirs. So for the first time, school officials had seniors vote on the date and location for grad night. California Adventure won. 

“I really like Magic Mountain and probably would’ve had fun there, but this is senior grad night and Magic Mountain is for middle school,” Senior Class Delegate Jade Ajileye said. “We would have been there all day with kids younger than us and it would’ve ruined the end of our senior year. Grad night is a rite of passage high for high school. Magic Mountain wouldn’t have been the same.”