Prepare for video conference classes with these helpful tips

Daniela Rangel

Johnny Gonzalez
English and journalism teacher Adriana Chavira has a virtual zoom class meeting with her honors English 10 class on March 30.

In light of widespread school closures until the end of the semester, more and more schools are switching to video conference classrooms. Here are some tips on how to conduct yourself professionally.

Look presentable. Get ready as you normally would for school. Being at home is not an excuse to look like you just woke up.

Remember that others, including your teacher, can see you. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in a classroom setting on your call. 

Put yourself on mute when not speaking. Keeping your audio on can create disruptive noises and take attention away from the speaker.

Have a distraction-free background. The focus should be on you, not your deliberately placed “Pulp Fiction” poster. 

Do not have side conversations with other members either through talking or through chat options. Remember, teachers receive a transcript of all chats at the end of your session.