DPMHS receives six-year accreditation from WASC


Cassia Ramelb

Sandra Rodriguez and Kari Rosson explain to teachers what changes should be made in the following years on April 10.

Christopher Sarenana

During an extensive evaluation of the school over a three-day span, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS) has been accredited for another six years once again. 

WASC came to DPMHS for their three-day evaluation of the school from April 7 through 10. English teacher Ron Baer was in charge of creating a 100-page self assessment on the school regarding our curriculum and social atmosphere of DPMHS. 

“It was so much work to prepare for this visit,” Baer said. “There’s so much talking about and figuring out how to prepare the paperwork.”

During the final evaluation day on April 10, students were treated to an extended lunch while WASC began to discuss their evaluation of the school with the administrator and staff. They went over what the school has been doing well and what improvements should be made over the next six years. 

DPMHS has received the highest accreditation possible with six years and a one day visit during the third year. This announcement came during summer vacation. Schools could receive a six-year-accreditation and a two-day visit or three years with one to two days visits. 

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is a world-renowned association that helps schools with accreditation and credibility of their education all over Western America. Being accredited by WASC means that the school’s diploma and transcripts are deemed credible. Most colleges and universities require schools to be accredited when applying to them as a way to know your education was up to par.

In preparation for the WASC visit, teachers and staff went over the WASC expectations. Over the three day visit, WASC members sat in multiple classrooms throughout the day and took notes on how the class was run and the teacher’s lesson plan. They also interviewed students and parents about the school’s academics, extracurricular activities and school spirit. They also walked around the school to see what improvements can be implemented or what we’ve been doing good on. 

“We did the best we could do,” Baer said. “With all the time and effort we put in during the process I feel we were successful.”