‘Pitch Perfect 3’ ends franchise on a high note

Julissa Rangel

Ruby Rose, DJ Khaled and “Fat Amy Winehouse” (Rebel Wilson) will take stage again in “Pitch Perfect 3,” the final installment of the popular “Pitch Perfect” trilogy.

“Pitch Perfect 3” follows college student Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick) and the Barden Bellas, a reputable all-female a cappella group, after graduating from Barden College. After realizing there aren’t many jobs in a cappella, the group agrees to disband after they perform for one last time on a USO tour in Spain. Conflict arises once the Bellas realize they have serious competition on the tour and they discover Beca has been offered a solo record deal.

The cast has generally stayed the same the past two movies of the series: Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, the comical Rebel Wilson as (now) “Fat Amy Winehouse,” Hailee Steinfeld, whose appearance as Emily Junk was introduced in “Pitch Perfect 2,” where she first joined the Bardem Bellas, and Elizabeth Banks as a capella judge Gail Abernathy-McKadden. Among some new cast members are the insanely popular Ruby Rose, known for her role as Stella in the Netflix original show “Orange is the New Black,DJ Khaled who has gained attention within the past year for promoting messages of self-confidence and confidence among his fanbase and English actor Guy Burnet.

Universal Pictures released a trailer for the third and final installment of the series on YouTube earlier this June. In it, viewers were promised humor, drama and even more a cappella covers than before. Following the pattern of the two previous films, “Pitch Perfect 3” will have a different director, Trish Sie, who has only directed one other film: “Step-Up: All In” in 2014.

Rated PG-13, “Pitch Perfect 3” premieres in theaters on Dec. 22.