Artist of the month – Steve Lacy

Julissa Rangel

At only 19 years old, Los Angeles-based producer and bassist Steve Lacy works alongside artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Tyler, the Creator and finds the time to put out his own music.

Compton-born Lacy’s interest in music stemmed from drumming out beats for friends as a child in grade school. It wasn’t until high school where he met fellow bandmate Jameel Bruner in 2014, when Lacy was invited to play bass for the Soul R&B group The Internet. Shortly after joining, he was nominated for a Grammy for both producing and performing on the group’s third album “Ego Death.” Lacy was only 17 and finishing up his senior year in high school at the time.

Since joining the group, Lacy has played bass, performed vocals and produced the band’s and his own music. Both Lacy and lead vocals, Syd tha Kid, have collaborated with other artists on projects like: Odd Future, Tyler the Creator’s new “Flower Boy” as well as Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn.” Lacy has either produced or been featured on 40 songs within the past three years, not including unreleased music.

The teenage singer, musician and producer interpreted the 2015 Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy nomination for “Ego Death” as motivation to pursue a career in music and not attend college. Instead of a proper education, he says releasing music and producing for various artists is what he wants to pursue.

Lacy describes his music as “plaid,” the pattern with a lot going on but doesn’t clash artistically. Since the majority of his music is made on garageband on his iPhone, he can make music at any time he wants. His most recent project “Steve Lacy’s Demo” features six songs and was released earlier this May.