Rapper Lil Peep dies at 21


Wikimedia Commons

Rapper Lil Peep tragically dies of an overdose at the age of 21.

Cristina Jercan

The death of rapper Gustav Åhr, better known as “Lil Peep,” on Nov. 15 shook the music community as friends of the star took to social media to bid their farewells.

Åhr was found unresponsive by his manager on his tour bus before a performance at a Tucson, Arizona, venue. It is suspected that the 21-year-old died most likely due to a drug overdose but the toxicology report hasn’t been released to confirm those speculations. There will be a six to eight week wait until the cause of death can be definite.

The presumed cause of death of Åhr has brought forth conversation of the neglect of mental health and drug abuse. Before his death, there were social media posts that concerned many fans of his mental stability. One Instagram post that grabbed the attention of many was one posted on Nov. 14 with the caption “When I die You’ll love me.” The worry for his well being grew with his drug abuse often involving dangerous mixes of lean, Xanax and Percocet. Many people have used his tragic death as inspiration to begin to take mental illness and drug addiction more seriously.

Within Åhr’s short life, he was able to positively impact the lives of those around him. Fellow friends in the music community like Post Malone and Master Magician talked on social media of his kind and loving nature. He was a talented artist who created a unique influence on hip hop and emo music, only amplified by his ambition to succeed in what he loved.