Artist of the Month: Carla Morrison

Amanda Jimenez

Screenshot from YouTube
Carla Morrison shares her music with fans in the music video for “Tu Atacas.”

Carla Morrison is a Mexican indie-pop singer songwriter who won’t let language hold her back from creating wholesome art.

Born in Tecate, Baja California, Morrison moved to Arizona at age 17 to venture out into her music career. She eventually dropped out of community college and joined the small band “Babaluca.” In 2009, after leaving “Babaluca” to work on her solo career Morrison dropped her first EP “Aprendiendo a Aprender.”

Her music is an emotional and spiritual driven art form that makes her Spanish singing even more angelic. Morrison is both fluent in English and Spanish but chooses to sing in Spanish because it personalizes her work. Her delicate but powerful voice and songwriting is what makes her even more content than the regular English alternative artist.

Then in 2010, she released “Mientras tú dormías…” which was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album. In 2011, “Jugando en serio” was released. Then in 2012, “Déjenme Llorar” was nominated and won both Best Alternative Music Album and Best Alternative Song. Then in 2015, “Amor Supremo” was released and won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Song for “Vez Primera.”

Her music is beyond this world due to its creativity and poetic lyrics. Morrison is truly an artist who writes from the heart of experience. She shares every situation from needing to get over a relationship in peace to the significance of life.

Carla Morrison is more than just a pretty voice she is an outspoken feminist whose political views are on the contrary to our president. She is also a practicing Buddhist and simultaneously follows Catholicism in respect of her culture.