Album review: Ed Sheeran’s “Divide”

Jessica Salguero

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Ed Sheeran gives his fans, new and old, a reason to be excited over math with his newest album “Divide” released on March 3.

Prior to the full album being available for the general public, Sheeran released two singles to give his fans a small taste of the phenomenal music that would be part of his third album. “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” both received  very high ratings adding to the anticipation faced by fans.

“Divide: Deluxe Edition” includes 16 tracks filled with the Sheeran’s trademark acoustic guitar mixed with a touch of hip hop to produce a different tempo in his music that wasn’t present in his previous albums.

“Shape of You” is fourth of the tracklist and gives self love a catchy tune. The song tells of falling so deeply in love with a person that they are perfect no matter what. It’s message and captivating sound has caused it to stay as number one on the charts since shortly after its release.  

The sixth song on the album, “Galway Girl” incorporates traditional Irish tin whistles with Sheeran’s recognizable use of the acoustic guitar. The Irish folk music is given a new unique sound through the unexpected yet great mixture of these two different types of music that managed to sound beautiful when combined.

“Save Myself” is the last song on the album and is primarily filled with a slow and delicate piano. The song is about losing the love of his life and the disastrous methods he used to try and numb the pain. However, he realizes that this is only hurting him even more and that “Before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself.”

Although Sheeran kept from releasing new music for a few years, the wait was definitely worth it. Fans should keep their eyes open for the release of tour dates that are sure to follow in no time.