YouTuber of the Month: Liza Koshy

Winter Rawson

Screenshot from YouTube
Liza Koshy has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

With an arsenal of puns and prepared jokes, Liza Koshy is a rising star.

Born in Texas, Koshy first gained a following on Vine, where she accumulated over five million followers. She admitted to first creating a Vine account because her friends were downloading the app. She’s now an active YouTuber where she’s gained a little over seven million followers.

Along with collaborations with her boyfriend, David Dobrik, Koshy’s videos are humor-based. She enjoys poking fun at herself as she takes on multiple personas and does vlogs while driving or parodied makeup tutorials and DIYs.

Some of her most popular videos are those where she slides a pair of glasses on and calls herself Helga. Sliding into a foreign accent, Helga travels to New York, Hawaii, and even her local Target for the sole purpose of entertaining her audience.

In 2016, Koshy was named Breakout Creator at the Streamy Awards. Koshy’s bright spirit and easy going personality makes her videos that much easier to watch. She can be reached through her YouTube channel (Liza Koshy), her Instagram or her Twitter (lizakoshy).