Pixar broken down to a science in new exhibit

Michelle Kaganovsky

Rebekah Spector
Pixar’s famous character WALL-E is part of the “Science Behind Pixar” exhibit at the California Science Center opened until April.

The many colorful animations and hands-on exhibits that compose the California Science Center’s new Pixar exhibit is enough to bring awe to viewers of all ages.

The “Science Behind Pixar” exhibit displays how technology, science, math, engineering and art intertwine to produce Pixar’s award-winning animated films. With more than 40 exhibits showing different parts of the Pixar production pipeline, viewers are provided with an inside look into how Pixar’s beloved movies were brought to life.

When guests first enter the exhibit, they are greeted with an introductory video explaining how Pixar storytellers transform their stories into their animated masterpieces. After the video, visitors are able to continue through the exhibition in any order.

The exhibit consists of eight sections, each providing viewers with the various steps involved in the film-making process. The interactive exhibits include modeling, rigging, sets and cameras, surfaces, animation, stimulation, lighting and rendering.

In addition to the educational aspects of the exhibition, the California Science Center brings the animated characters to life in extraordinary ways. Visitors can take photos with recreations of their favorite characters ranging from the heroic Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story” to the dynamic duo of Mike and Sully from “Monsters, Inc.”

With its lovable characters and engaging exhibits packed into a 12,000 square foot exhibit, the “Science Behind Pixar Exhibit” is a great experience for anyone who wants to revisit the magic of Pixar’s beloved movies.


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