YouTuber of the month: James Rallison

Rachel Bullock

James Rallison, a cartoonists on Youtube
James Rallison, otherwise known as theodd1sout comic tells his hilarious life stories through animations. His videos consist from him being a boy scout to helpful short cuts.

Intros are unnecessary for James Rallison from theodd1sout comic. The 20-year-old YouTuber always jumps right into the his stories right away, no time to waste.

Viewers are greeted with a jubilant looking cartoon figure, a character that Rallison generically represents himself with in his many misadventures. Whether Rallison talks about his time working at Subway or explaining how to maximize a candy load on Halloween, he always has a lot to say.

Once in awhile, he will make a speed draw, give advice, or comment on history in eccentric ways. His videos are consistently funny and it doesn’t take too long for him to put up good content.

Rallison is a very lively person, his voice isn’t the only animated characteristic of himself that he displays in his videos, which literally and figuratively capture the who the young man is. Further, this Arizona native’s ever-so slightly cynical behavior balances out perfectly with his creatively abstract sense of humor.

A part of a group of animators on YouTube that includes TonyvToons, Jaiden Animations and ItsAlexClark called the Animation Squad, Rallison puts forward artistic videos as much as he has done collabs with the creators of these other channels. Rallison has even started a 7 day vegan challenge that has intrigued his fellow content creators, inspiring them to take on healthier eating and to be more conscious about their choices of food.

Theodd1sout comic started out as a YouTube channel in Aug. 2014, but Rallison has made comics for Tumblr for years under his current channel name. Since he has begun, he has gotten over a million subscribers and a loyal fanbase. He features fanart at the end of his videos with pride and does his best to display them any way at some point if they don’t make it in soon in his latest videos.