The Front Bottoms rock Downtown stage

Jessica Salguero

The hot and sweaty crowd shouts in excitement as the lights begin to dim. The well-known “As My Heart Goes On” by Celine Dion spills from the speakers. No, these people didn’t pay to watch “Titanic”; this is a The Front Bottoms concert.

On April 20, the Regent Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles was packed nearly to breaking point with fans gathered together to enjoy some good music. Arriving a few minutes before the doors opened, the line wrapped around the block and ending right in front of a local bar.

Prior to the main act’s performance, there were three opening acts including Diet Cig and Brick + Mortar. The bands warmed up everyone standing around and allowed for people to have enough time to buy food, drinks, or band shirts.

The New Jersey natives Brian Sella, Mathew Uychich, Ciaran O’Donnell and Tom Warren better known as The Front Bottoms announced their presence afterwards by blasting the famous song from “Titanic.” The speakers filled with indie rock songs from an unofficial and constantly changing setlist. Fans would scream out suggestions from past albums and, if they remembered how, the band would soon start playing it.

The entire crowd was essentially a series of mini mosh pits, lots of pushing and ecstatic fans singing along to their personal favorites. People were standing in the upstairs viewing area and in the downstairs general admission pit which overflowed next to the merch table which caused people to be pressed against the main exit.

The crowd’s energy never faltered. Everyone was jumping, singing and having a good time while jamming out to songs from new and old albums, such as “Flashlight,” “Historic Cemetery,” “Skeleton” and “Peach.” Sella managed to create a truly amazing vocal experience, all while chugging down a beer.

This day will never be forgotten and hopefully The Front Bottoms come back to LA soon so that more fans get to experience this “spiritual cleansing.”