The best of Bowie

Cristina Jercan

Throughout his musical career, David Bowie transformed his sound and went through different phases. Even though he changed his music very often, Bowie had the effortless talent that allowed him to excel in each genre he came across and take it to another level.

On January 10, 2016, Bowie passed away at 69 due to liver cancer. He was a legend that conquered the world with his groundbreaking music.

Song: “Space Oddity”

Album: David Bowie, 1969

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“Space Oddity” is a wonderful masterpiece filled with various sounds going on all at once. This song fulfills its title by giving the listener a feel of the excitement and emptiness held within space. Bowie is able to match his voice to guitar chords which provides a harmonious blend of instrumental and vocal sound.


Song: “Ziggy Stardust”

Album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, 1972

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With hard beats of guitar and strong vocals, “Ziggy Stardust” is an epic ballad of rock-filled joy. It is loaded with odd lyrics such as “Making love with his ego,” which makes a great match with the song’s instrumental sound.




Song: “Rebel Rebel”

Album: Diamond Dogs, 1974

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Guitar chords dominating the song, “Rebel Rebel,” is a great gateway to the musical creativity that thrived during the 70’s. It is an amazing song to just nod your head to and enjoy the musical stylings of Bowie. The song is mostly dominated by the instrumental works of the guitar and drums. Bowie times his vocal cues right when the rhythmic patterns break in the song which, in the end, balances perfectly.


Song: “Let’s Dance”

Album: Let’s Dance, 1983

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“Let’s Dance” is the perfect song that encapsulates the pop filled world during the 80’s. It is a song filled with a rhythmic style that makes its listeners want to jump up and dance. Bowie’s voice adds an amazing effect to the song and he does an excellent job completing the song’s infectious tune.


Song: “Where Are We Now”

Album: The Next Day, 2013

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Unlike many of his other chart-topping hits, Bowie has a very different sound in “Where Are We Now.” With a calm and soothing melody, this song provides the perfect ground for a nostalgic trip. Bowie is able to match the mellow tunes, adding a whole new feel to an amazing song.