YouTuber of the Month: Joey Kidney brings smiles to his young audience

Joey Kidney make fans laugh through his videos.

Screen shot by Jessica Salguero

Joey Kidney make fans laugh through his videos.

Jessica Salguero

The video begins to play and a cheeky young man starts to talk to a camera.

Canadian YouTuber, Joey Kidney, began his self-titled channel in 2013 by making videos using his smartphone. In the past years he has upgraded to a professional camera and has recently gathered over 140,000 supporters.

Kidney also has a second channel called “More Joey” in which he posts vlogs on an irregular basis. A majority of these videos take place during PressPlay weekends.

Since Sept. 2014 Kidney has been signed to the PressPlay tour where fans can meet some of their favorite internet stars. The events take place in various hotels all over the US.

The people in his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada weren’t exactly supportive of his decision to pursue YouTube. A lot of them still give him weird looks whenever he’s out doing something in public for his channel because it’s not a normal occurrence for the area.

However, the only support that is important to him is that of his parents and his fans. He posts videos every Friday that can only be described as a sort of encouragement to find self happiness.

Kidney is currently attending college and studying interactive multimedia. Even with school and a job at a grocery store, he is able to create weekly content for his viewers.

As the video draws to an end, the last words are his trademark outro, “Stay you, stay beautiful.”