Twenty One Pilots rocks the Greek Theatre stage

Jessica Salguero

Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, pianist and songwriter of Twenty One Pilots.
Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, pianist and songwriter of Twenty One Pilots.

The stadium lights dim and the crowd cheers as the first notes of “Heavydirtysoul” sound through the speakers.

On Oct. 15 the Greek Theatre was packed with members of the Skeleton Clique excited to see Twenty One Pilots perform. The line to enter was so long it reached the entrance of the parking lot.

The Blurryface Tour began in the UK during early May of this year. After a four month break, tour dates began in the US.

The merch line reached about halfway around the seating area, but the wait was worth it. The t-shirts and posters just made everyone want to spend most of their money.

The stadium slowly started to fill to its capacity, almost no seats left vacant. After the short opening acts by Finish Ticket and Echosmith, the main act finally came onto the stage.

Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun, make up for the lack of band members when they begin to perform. Dun began to play the drums for a few seconds until Joseph ran out from the sidelines and jumped right into one of his famous raps.

The crowd’s energy kept rising as each song is played, never reaching its peak. The speakers filled with crowd-favorites from the new and old albums, including “House of Gold,” “Stressed Out,” “Ride,” and “Holding Onto You.”

Suddenly Joseph jumped off the stage and began running up the aisles until he disappeared for a moment, only to reappear on top of the building that contained all the stage lights. The last seconds of the song fill the ears of the crowd, every person facing the man with the mic.

As the song ends, throughout the stadium chants of “one more song”  slowly grow louder and louder until you see the silhouette of two figures return to the stage.

The concert ends after the performance of “Trees” and the all-too-familiar, crowd-pleasing outro of “We’re Twenty One Pilots and so are you.”

It was a night no one will ever forget.